LUKA with 25 years of experience we will find the right solution for you!
Bushings, flat connectors and individual solutions according to DIN and customer requirements. Earthing stripes/Flexible copper braids.
Copper and aluminum connectors, with or without insulation. Bus bar holders for copper or aluminum bus bars.

Designed for vertical (vertical) and horizontal (horizontal) bus bar installation.
Insulators and bushings for low and medium voltage; with all necessary accessories and cutouts for all conductor cross sections.

LUKA-Cable clamps / cable Cleats; Safe and short-circuit proofed Mounting of energy/Power cables.

High voltage
GIPRO is an established manufacturer of customized epoxy terminals for a variety of transformer and transducer equipment.
GIPRO has broad experience in epoxy casting of customized insulation parts which meet all quality, durability and efficiency requirements for bushings and epoxy terminals used in high-stress, high voltage applications.

Medium voltage
GIPRO is an expert in producing customized epoxy insulators and medium voltage epoxy bushings for the biggest names in indoor and outdoor medium voltage installations.

In addition to the range of standard insulators, GIPRO is specialized manufacturer of customized epoxy insulators and epoxy GIS bushings for circuit breakers, fuse housing, delimiters, earth switches, gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and air-insulated switchgears (AIS), capacitors and transformers.

GIPRO supports you with your epoxy insulator, mv bushing-development as well as development of your customized epoxy housing for mv switches from the beginning and offers a various range of testing-equipment starting with electric serial tests, x-ray testing, gas-leakage-testing up to customer-specific individual insulator inspections.

Cable Accessories
The global demand for cable accessories is continually growing thanks to the increasing number of underground power cables.

GIPRO is your insulator competence center and experienced manufacturer of customized cable end bushings, insulation plugs and termination-plugs in all sizes (from 12 kV to 170 kV) and in particular, specializes in the production of small bushings and cable connectors in a variety of formats to meet specific customer requirements.

Transformers, chokes and other inductive components:
BV Elektronik

Epoxy insulators for high voltage
Since 1953, Mekufa has grown into a leading manufacturer of epoxy resin insulators and parts for the high-voltage transmission industry.